Giorgio Nadali was born on March 15, 1962 in Milan, Italy.

PhD. in Religious Sciences

Editor in chief of the online magazine "Oltre" ("Behind")

Professor for University UniTre, Milan, Italy (Courses "Themes and problems of History of Religions" and "Communication and success")

Professor of Religions for the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) - (1988-2014)

CEO and Founder of X-Press Giornalismo, Press service

Professor for private universities and cultural centers

Life and Business Coach

Researcher for Compared Religions and Cults.
Journalist with specialization in World Religions and Cults.
Opinionist Journalist for newspapers and magazines

Master in Videoreporting. Civic School for Cinema and Television, Milan, Italy.
Television Author.

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, Portoguese, some Russian, Italian.

Permanent residence: Milan, Italy

Books published:


"Sexuality, Religions and Cults. Love and Sex in World Cults" (SessualitÓ, Religioni e Sette. Amore e sesso nei Culti mondiali") , Publisher: Armando Editore, Rome, 1999. ISBN 88-7144-932-0 (Cultural Anthropology). Official Text 2000/2001 c/o University of Rome Three. (Educational Sciences). Foreign Rights Available


"Strange, but Sacred. Encyclopedia of Religious Curiosities. Volume 1" (Strano, ma Sacro. Enciclopedia delle curioistÓ religiose. Volume 1), Publisher: Lampi di Stampa, Milan, 2003. ISBN 88-488-0235-4. Foreign Rights Available


Various Authors. - Sects and New Religious Movements, Chapter 11, (Sette e Nuuovi Movimenti Religiosi), "Which educational proposal from Catholicism and from the New Religious Movements?", Publisher: Edizioni Paoline, Milan, 2007. ISBN 978-88-315-3327-0. Series "Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue"


"Indulgences" (Indulgenze), Publisher: Edizioni Segno, Udine, 2010. March 2010 - ISBN-13 978-88-6138-224-4

"The cross and the ring. Misteries and secrets of ecclesiastic careers" (La Croce e l'Anello. Misteri e segreti delle carriere ecclesiastiche), Publisher: Edizioni Segno, Udine, 2010. April 2010 - ISBN-13 978-88-6138-239-8

"The monks over the trees" (I monaci sugli alberi), Publisher: Edizioni San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, 2010. May 2010 - ISBN-13 978-88-215-6784-1


Giorgio Nadali, "Living matrioskas. The feelings fraud business between Est and West" ("Le matrioske viventi. Il business dell'inganno sentimentale tra Est e Ovest"), Edizioni Lampi di Stampa, Milano, 2011 - ISBN 978-88-488-1300-6


Giorgio Nadali, ""ReliGenio. All the inventions, scientific discoveries and progress due to World Religions", "ReliGenio. Tutte le invenzioni, le scoperte scientifiche e i progressi in vari campi, dovuti alle Religioni mondiali", Edizioni Lampi di Stampa, Milano, 2012 - ISBN: 978-88-488-1404-1

Giorgio Nadali, "The Supernatural Odds. Mysteries, secrets and supernatural curiosities". "Il curioso soprannaturale. Misteri, segreti e curiosita' soprannaturali", Edizioni Lampi di Stampa, Milano, 2012 - ISBN: 978-88-488-1416-4


Giorgio Nadali, "Secrets of Religions" EBOOK, Edizioni Youcanprint, Tricase, 2015, ISBN: 978-88-911-7694-3

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